Our Principles


At Beckworth Financial Services Ltd, our philosophy is to help any client

Treating customers fairly is implicit in being an ‘expert friend’. At Beckworth we treat all of our clients as friends and offer help and guidance wherever needed


When setting any commercial objectives, we will fully take into account our principles of treating customers fairly:

  • We will offer help and guidance when the client needs it - choosing the best investments
  • We will act in the client’s best interest
  • We will treat all our clients in a manner in which we would like to be treated

Product and Service Design

At Beckworth Financial Services Ltd we are dedicated to maintaining a consistently high standard of service:

  • When we devise an investment strategy, it will be based on a clear understanding of the “needs” of the client
  • We will offer a service including an annual Valuation Schedule, fund reviews and help with any administration requirements
  • We will monitor market changes and will respond accordingly to ensure the continued suitability of our services

Customer Communication

At Beckworth Financial Services Ltd, our philosophy is to help any client whenever we can:

  • We will provide information to clients about the benefits, risk and costs associated with our products and services to help them understand what they can reasonably expect
  • We will provide appropriate information in a way that aims to be clear, fair and not misleading
  • We will pay due regard to the client’s needs and always act in a timely manner

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