The Turning Point of the Year

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The Turning Point of the Year

For many, the late August bank holiday represents a turning point in the year. The children are going back to school, the shops are full of warmer clothes, and summer is winding to a close; although given the weather we have had over the last few weeks we could be forgiven for thinking that autumn had already arrived.

From an investment point of view it’s a game of fives. We are five months into the tax year, in theory giving us another seven months to firm up ISAs and pensions for the current tax period. But we are also five months away from the day by which tax returns have to be submitted and taxes for the 2019/20 tax year paid. Although in theory having months to complete any of these tasks seems eminently achievable, it always pays to plan ahead. Leaving investment or tax planning matters to the last minute isn’t conducive to optimising outcomes.

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