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Looking Forward

In 2013 we shared the tale of Keith Owen, a former RAF pilot who left £2.3m in his will for the promotion of conservation and natural heritage in the Sidmouth area. Included in his legacy was the instruction to ‘think big’ and to plant a million bulbs. Over a period of three years more than 600,000 crocuses, snowdrops and daffodils were planted and left to naturalise and spread across the landscape. 

The reputation of Sidmouth as the valley of a million bulbs is now growing, attracting spring visitors to the town and delighting residents. Grants have also been awarded for a variety of projects across the Sidmouth area including sports equipment, recycling and gardening projects. 

The sun may be shining this year on a very different world than usual but, thanks to Keith Owen’s vision, the daffodils are a great reminder that the world hasn’t stopped and that next year the bulbs will flower again.  

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