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The Early Bird...

It’s said that the early bird catches the worm but now a study by Exeter University has questioned
whether that is in fact the case. Their report on the university websit entitled ‘burly bird gets the
worm’ suggests that, when it comes to bird feeders at least, larger species such as sparrows and
greenfinches are able to feed almost at their leisure whilst smaller birds such as blue tits are
consigned to feeding quickly on poorer quality food. 

One of the report’s conclusions was that for optimum results people may need to invest in a range
of food and bird feeders rather than stick to a single feeder and food mix. It’s a conclusion which
struck a chord with us as it ties in closely with best investment advice - that in order to spread risk,
investments should be managed across a range of sectors and global regions rather than
concentrated in one specific area. 

If you are looking for investment advice, or if your situation has changed and you may therefore
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