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A survey by Independent Age has revealed that a majority of MPs are concerned over the provision of care homes within their constituencies. The poll, carried out in advance of a Green Paper on social care which is expected in the summer of 2018, examined MPs' views on care home quality and choice.

Whilst the survey revealed some discrepancies between the views of MPs in the two major parties, there was across the board support for those eligible for residential care being given a choice of at least one residential home which had a CQC rating of good or outstanding. At present local authorities are not required to take account of CQC ratings when offering care home placements.

For those who are not reliant on local authority placements, CQC inspection reports can provide a valuable first step in choosing the ideal care home. With information on more than 14,000 care homes, the CQC website also provides some handy hints on choosing care including looking at the way in which the home provides support and connects with families and the community. And never discount the importance of visiting care homes and talking to residents and their relatives in order to gain feedback.

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